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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
My thinking, no refunds what so ever. Simple. If it's a major trauma why you can't attend, 10 won't matter that much. Otherwise it falls on someone's neck (probably Shaun's) to decide who's reason warrants a refund and who's doesn't. If people know up front, it's a ticket to attend, and there's no refunds then they can make their choice.

I'll be furnishing the BFTA with the capabilities of paying up front on the current booking in system in due course, but on quick inspection, it looks easy to set up. Personally I think most know the web and paypal well enough, and if they don't then they know someone that does. Group booking would still work, just one person has to pay for the group. May slow how fast a GP books up, but as ever i suspect people will get organised and it will return to normal.

Another suggestion I heard is a fine at your next shoot. Could do both?

From a webmaster view it's very difficult to determine the exact ID of someone booking in and thus bar etc someone from using the booking in system, unless I go to the length of creating an account for every BFTA number and locking it down, and adding new ones as people join up and get a number, and deleting old ones. So you're still free to book in as Will B or Bill B, or if Thursday night, Bella B

I won't be making any suggestion, that's not my place, but i'll find out the pros and cons.
Hi Rob,
I use Paypal for purchases on my business website so if you need any help on this just let me know.
However, I still think it would be easier for no shows to accrue a debt to be paid at their next GP.
Its obvious emotions are running high on this subject - on one hand many people had genuine reasons for not turning up (Adam Walsh for instance) but on the other hand there is real disparity between the effort it takes to organise the event and the ease to just no show.
I'm sure you guys will work something out.
All the best

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