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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
I have had a word with some of the other members of Far Coley and we are in agreement that we would like the shoot to be 2 sessions if possible. As we are not sure how many are going to turn up on the day, I would like to trial 3 per lane with feed ons as Shaun suggested for GP1. We can still go for 8.30 start if the am session shooters can get here in time and are in agreement. I think the total numbers for GP1 was round 165, so if we have similar at GP2 it should work fine..

75 shooters starting on each session with 2/3 feed on lanes each session=168 shooters. This will give more time between sessions for the presentation from GP1.

Thoughts and ideas welcome.

Agree with this,much prefer two session's,especially if you have to travel far,stick the no shows( the one's without a valid and genuine excuse) and the ones who decide to turn up un announced on the day in the third sesion.

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