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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Thank you Ryan, but I have plenty of rifles

If I attend, I will shoot in the main class which is sporting, the question that I want answered is what stock to use.

I have a S400 with two stocks, one is the factory stock and the other is an aftermarket stock, The stock does not have an adjustable cheek piece or hamster, but the cheek piece is higher then a normal stock and the for end is deeper.

Can this be used in sporter class?

Gary , we have allowed these type of stocks .

The over riding factor has been to look at the rifle , is iit within the "Spirit of the Sport" ?

If its clear the owner has taken the wee wee & had special stock made to circumvent it , organisers may deem the rifle to be a "Target" rifle .

However we are in consultation with some senior shooters & organisers to write some rules with numbers , to clear up this matter .

When we wrote the rules we felt that this issue may crop up in the future .

Because the sport was aimed at the grass roots we decided to keep it as simple as possible .

However , as with every thing , iit evolves , so it will be with SARC .

At this discretion all these issues are at the organisers discretion , but will be clearly defined shortly .
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