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The BFTA wasn't at GP1. I was, Shaun and so was Sam. Sam will get nothing but praise from me so ... it's my fault and I'm not the BFTA, I'm Shaun.[/QUOTE]

Sorry if you thought there was any implied criticism of Sam because there certainly wasn’t. She knows me well enough to know that I, like everyone else, thinks the world of her and is in awe of her commitment. I would be gutted if she thought otherwise.
In view of the widely diverse viewpoints on here over the past few weeks concerning the whole gamut of GP booking and conduct I thought it might be of interest to people to get a bit of a debrief on how it was from an organisational point of view. At the same time, understandably and quite reasonably I feel, I wanted to place on public record my own thanks to the people from my own club and Far Coley whose total commitment got the job done under difficult circumstances. I feel it only proper to do this because, purely due to the fact that I have the time, I was tasked with co-ordinating the event, whereas they did the real graft.

Someone, in response to my post, queried lane allocation. I was merely pointing out that as host club, on this occasion, we had had no imput on this and that their query should be directed elsewhere. Indeed, I did apologise on behalf of Millride if he felt that a marshal should have done more and was certainly not offended by this comment. Maybe it would have been more correct for me to have worded it like that, and if I failed to fully understand which hat you were wearing at any particular time I apologise.
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