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Hi Ian, I was also in a three; with Mr Costello & Paula Schofield. I'm pretty sure there was at least another two 'threes' too. Calps was in a pair behind us at the start but leap-frogged my group and had finished when we still had 16 targets to shoot; so clearly shooting in 3's does make a difference. btw no-one caught us up and the lane behind us was never filled, as it were.

If there were spare lanes and a mix of 2's and 3's at the start then people should've been reallocated before the horn blew. Either way, Shaun & co' shouldn't have those problems from a a pre-book only shoot, therefore the blame lies with the 12.5% of people who booked and then no-showed with no notice. This is both discourteous & disrespectful to other shooters and should not be tolerated. That's why I suggested the points earlier in this thread.
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