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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I have been thinking of coming to one of the UKSARC shoots.

Now, I shoot a Steyr and I have been told that I have to remove the hamster and also drop the adjustable cheek piece to comply with the rules.

The thing is though I have been told that custom stocks with built up cheek pieces and extra deep for ends are legal and are very popular in this series.

So, am i correct in thinking that a gun with a hamster that measures 130mm from barrel to bottom of hamster is illegal, but a gun with a aftermarket stock that measures 130mm from barrel to bottom of stock is legal?

Or is it only unmodified rifles with factory stocks?

many thanks

Best just to turn up and get stuck in Gary, if you want to do sporting I'll happily lend you one of my sporting guns or you can gun share with me if you like.
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