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Default 18 stone and left handed

Top shooting company with Phil James, turns out we were a well matched Pair, of PEARS !
Now Phil and I are both big lads, though he at a mere 17 stone is not quite in my 19 stone class.
Still, anything that means the gun points up is an extra differcult challenge for us Pear Class shooters!

. Simon
If you want to try a tuff millride your sat the wrong way round.
loose a stone and i'll let you have a shoot with my walther see how you get on.
Thought the field was same for both l/h and r/h and the wood's were for right handers.
Maybe the stander's were a bit tougher from being on the back foot,but world champ must have hit them.
Be nice one day ,if a bad day's shooting does not come with a list of excuses
On a plus note i thought you were looking slimmer in the newbury picture i saw,mind you i think that big white telephone had most of your stomach content
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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