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Default GP1 and stuff...

Hi All,

Firstly, massive thanks to Shaun and anyone else involved in sorting the logistical nightmare that was GP1, I was away when booking opened so I was one of those that would have missed out if the extra effort hadn't been made, thank you all.
Secondly, massive thanks to all at Milride, a superb course. Once the commitment to three sessions had been made there was nothing else you guys could have done any better than you did, again, thank you all.

To be fair, I shot a couple of lanes behind Ian and his group of three and it certainly wasn't them holding it up. I know one pair a few lanes in front were asked to "keep it moving" by the marshall.

Jons timings suggest that although you will get pairs through quicker than threes (fairly obvious really) the time saving is nowhere near proportionate to the number of shooters on the course. Only half an hour longer for the threes, session two was still quicker than three even with a couple of miss placed shooters... Seems to me that it takes around three to three and a half hours to shoot a 50 target FT course!

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