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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I have been thinking of coming to one of the UKSARC shoots.

Now, I shoot a Steyr and I have been told that I have to remove the hamster and also drop the adjustable cheek piece to comply with the rules.

The thing is though I have been told that custom stocks with built up cheek pieces and extra deep for ends are legal and are very popular in this series.

So, am i correct in thinking that a gun with a hamster that measures 130mm from barrel to bottom of hamster is illegal, but a gun with a aftermarket stock that measures 130mm from barrel to bottom of stock is legal?

Or is it only unmodified rifles with factory stocks?

many thanks

Gary , we would welcome you at one of the SARC shoots .

You do not have to do any thing to your rifle .

Just simply enter the competition in the Target Rifle class , simple .

However if you wish , you can shoot sporting class , but then we want the shooters to enter in the spirit of the competition .

Buy a standard sporting stock if you want to use your "Race" gun .

Several of the regular shooters shot in UK SARC comps last year using their normal guns , in the Target class , but have since bought themselves standard wooden "sporting rifle " stocks .

So , its entirely up to you .

I suggest you join us , use the rifle you normally use in comps , shoot in the Target Rifle class & see how it all goes !

Pretty much every thing you need to know is on the web site , feel free to browse .
Isuza imBuzi . . . . . .
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