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Just to add to Jon's timings Painting between each session was done within 12 minutes. Briefings started exactly 15mins before sessions 1 and 2 with a 10 minute allowance to get to the lanes and get settled. By my watch we started session 1 on the dot of 9, and the second session on the dot of 1, which was always the intention, and as I was the one blowing the horn it was my watch that counted Jon By Jon's timings session 3 started 12 minutes after the last person came off session 2. Pretty impressive I would say.

Waelwulfas, at all times there were at least 3 marshals on the course but they were spread over 25 lanes. If one of them failed to notice your situation and failed to act upon it please accept our apologies. Other than that I can only add that it is the BFTA that allocates the lanes.

The delay in finishing session 2 did put a severe strain on things, to the extent that in their understandable anxiety to get to their lanes quickly and get started, people were moving onto the course without waiting for a briefing and they were mingling with people trying to get off the course.

I think it proves that with proper preparation and excellent teamwork it is possible to put on 3 sessions with a 30 minute turnround between each. ( As the BFTA Comp Secretary requested) What caused immense frustration was the spread of individual finishing times. The fact that so many failed to turn up was not in itself the cause of any delays but it did mean that the competition could have been run over 2 sessions had we known. At this point, I'd like to point out that the decision to run 3 sessions was entirely that of Millride FTC and no one else. The reasoning behind it was that, based on the fact that we were expecting an unusually large number of shooters, whichever way it was organised it was going to be a long day for some and a very long day for others. We felt that by using 3 sessions then at least shooters could plan their day accordingly and in the event of bad weather could at least wait in the comfort of their own vehicles or the cafe, rather than on the line waiting in queues and bottlenecks.

From my point of view I'm immensely proud of the way in which our team performed on the day. As far as we're concerned the arrangements went exactly to plan, but I would like to pay particular tribute to 5 members of Far Coley (with whom we have a recipricol arrangement). Neil Thorneycroft, Will Baskeyfield, Steve Lloyd, Daz Tomes and Ian Stoddart. In fact Will and Steve were still sitting on the Gary Radford bench when everyone else had left (Much to discuss for GP2) They all worked tirelessly and without question. In fact we only had to slap Stoddy around the back of the head once, and that was more for our enjoyment. . Thanks also to Andy Calpin and a couple of others (sorry I don't have names) who jumped in, without any prompting, to do a bit of painting before session 3.

Folks, it was a pleasure to see you all yesterday. We loved it. Thanks for the many nice comments we received, but in view of all the traffic on STB on the question of entry numbers I thought it might be interesting to see it from our perspective.


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