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Oldham is definitely worth a visit.

You park on a narrow road near to the booking in/ zero ranges.

The courses are in a wooded area that is surrounded by open fields. So the wind can, and does, vary. If you are near the edge of the wood a strong wind can come in from the open fields. The courses that I've shot there have always been excellent ( HFT ) with good use of various heights.

Rivi is definitely worth a visit too. You don't NEED a 4x4. You can drive and park normal cars along the roadside and then have a small 150ish yard walk up a grassed incline to the zero and booking in areas ( when it's dryish the 4x4s drive up the grassed incline which gets you closer to the booking in / zero etc ). It's a great venue. You drive off the main road past Turton Towers which has historical interest.

Rivi is high up so the views from the shoot area are stunning over open countryside, golf course, lake etc. The HFT courses are as good as they get. There are small areas of trees but a lot of the targets are placed over open but undulating areas. Expect the odd high target up a pole etc. The wind is always tricky with it being high up, open and undulating. You may not think there is any wind but the pellet always seems to take some from somewhere. A light breeze seems to take the pellet more than you'd think and if you get there on a windy day then you will have shot really well to get a good score. A load of members that are as good as it gets re HFT shooting and an excellent bunch of blokes in the bargain. A must visit for airgun shooters.

Tawd Vale has lots of car parking near to the booking in / zero. It's on a Scout Camp. The courses are set in a heavy wooded area but again there is an open field at the edge of the wood so wind can rush in to cause problems on targets near the edge of the course. I haven't been for a while but I used to enjoy visiting Tawd. Usually a burner going with bacon butties available.

Byley is in Cheshire near the M6 ( must be about J18 ish ) near Middlewich. It's been a while since I've been there. Car parking is good when it's dryish ... it's in a grassed area right next to the zero and booking in. I think it's a GP course ? Targets are in a narrowish wooded area surrounded by fields. Wind again can be tricky as the wind comes in off the fields. It's interesting as you shoot over some small pools at some targets. I always felt that the water draggged the pellet down a tad so you had to give them an extra 5 yards or so.

If you fancy something really different then check out the shoots at Quarnford near Buxton/Leek. Not formal comp shoots ... but more of an everyone welcome and come and shoot what you fancy ... HFT/FT whatever. This is proper countryside. It's a million feet above sea level set in hard moorland. The views are simply stunning. You'll also hear and see some interesting wild birds. It's actually set on a farm and the car parking is right next to the booking in / zero. There is an indoor loo and a portakabin for booking in and having a brew and a sandwich ( sold on site ). There are no trees. The courses are set over rough bracken moorland. It's not a formal comp to any set HFT or FT rules and most targets are probably within 45 yards with the odd 55 yarder. It's probably easier to shoot the course FT style as it's better to be sitting to get over the heather and bracken but it is possible to shoot HFT style if you get the right position. It isn't easy as the wind will test anyone out. So if you want a day out and see some wonderful countryside and hill views... and test your wind skills ... then try a visit. There is a nice pub just down the road at Flash ( check out their web cam on the net ). They sell good ales and food so you could pop in there for Sunday lunch after the shoot if you are having a day out.

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