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Thanks Shaun, Sam & the Millride Marshalls for all your efforts yesterday. Your job was not helped however by the 22 people who decided to 'no-show' for whatever reason. Something needs to change or else it could be a very long season!

1, Take payment for the shoot up-front at time of booking - it's only a tenner but it may make the casual shooter think twice about committing.

2, Operate a yellow card / red card system, where-by anyone who cancels less than 48 hours before-hand or no-shows on the day gets a yellow card. Do it again in the same season and they're out for the rest of the GP's that year - Red Card.

3, (perhaps in conjunction with 1 & 2) Operate two pre-booked, 50 shooter, shot-gun starts at 9am & midday with a third 'turn-up and shoot' feed-on at 3pm (registration to close at say 1pm to give an idea of numbers and chance to squad them). This would still allow the committed GP shooters on, whilst also giving the local or one-off competitor a chance to shoot the course. Finally, it would mean the BFTA can still say that "it will never turn any shooter away on the day".

See you all at GP2 anyway.

Ps. a quick 'plug' for ETL who are holding a 'mini-mayhem' shoot this coming Sunday...a prelude to Germany....??
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