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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
I really like it when the targets are put out at different angles in the lane,Newbury was a fantastic course lay out and very challenging,just what we want isn't it?
Andy and his crew did an awesome course design and I only hope the classic is of similar lay out.
I just hope that clubs hosting the GPs don't start slapping them out side by side,aka the showdown style, in an attempt to speed the shooting up otherwise it's going to be boring.Making courses difficult is more challenging and rewarding,isn't that what it's all about.
It's like saying I nailed all the standers when they were only put out at twenty yards.
Let Calps put out evey course
2 quick questions how many GP courses have yourself just SLAPPED out?
And what is a difficult target? I do not ever remember turning up at any comp anywhere across the world and the marshall\fellow competitor has said I will give you a point for that without shooting the target because it is not difficult
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