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Originally Posted by mundungus View Post
All this chat about shooter 1 handing card to shooter 2 etc really is nonsense. At the heart of it you are trying to make overall time saving by efficient shooting. Reality check here; You'll never speed up the shooting of any course by devising ways of increasing time efficiency without Gestapo like marshalling; and why would you want to?

Half the fun of FT is all the banter and pee-taking and chatting to all the people you don’t get to see for half the year. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Regarding the course layout, I’ve heard a number of (under the breath muttered) complaints about the Newbury weekend about “Calpin style” courses, which involve a lot of funny angles and bum shifting; But I actually quite like that. I strive to be a better shooter and would like to be able to hit every target just like the top shots do, regardless of angles etc. To be given a course whereby every target is right in front of you but just at different distances does dilute the sport, I think.

Back to the point though, of accommodating an oversubscribed number of shooters; can anyone give any reason why not to go to 60 targets with the normal two sessions?

Not suggesting this for Milride now (far too late I assume), but for other GPs with the same problem.
My comments about who hands the card to who is not about saving time - it is about making the shoot more enjoyable for the shooters on the lane. Something we need to do more of if we are having to squeeze more people in and time on the course extends.

Neil made the original suggestion and I gave my thoughts - as it is an open forum.
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