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All this chat about shooter 1 handing card to shooter 2 etc really is nonsense. At the heart of it you are trying to make overall time saving by efficient shooting. Reality check here; You'll never speed up the shooting of any course by devising ways of increasing time efficiency without Gestapo like marshalling; and why would you want to?

Half the fun of FT is all the banter and pee-taking and chatting to all the people you don’t get to see for half the year. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Regarding the course layout, I’ve heard a number of (under the breath muttered) complaints about the Newbury weekend about “Calpin style” courses, which involve a lot of funny angles and bum shifting; But I actually quite like that. I strive to be a better shooter and would like to be able to hit every target just like the top shots do, regardless of angles etc. To be given a course whereby every target is right in front of you but just at different distances does dilute the sport, I think.

Back to the point though, of accommodating an oversubscribed number of shooters; can anyone give any reason why not to go to 60 targets with the normal two sessions?

Not suggesting this for Milride now (far too late I assume), but for other GPs with the same problem.
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