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Looking at this again last night ...

There is room around this lug in the cut out in the stock. When the stock is fitted there is also a small gap between the back of the end of the action and the flat back of the stock ... so there is the possibility for the action to move. The only thing that is stopping it from moving rearwards is the downwards pressure of the round maintube on the round machined out stock.

So it does seem sensible to do as Paul suggested and fill the gaps around that lug and also at the back.

Do I really need that lug? I don't have the anti bear trap fitted.

I have another 77 that is an old Venom Tyrolean walnut sock. On that stock there is no cut out for the lug and it uses a HW80 style long pin that goes straight through the stock and into the end block where the lug normally screws.

So can I not just fill that entire rough lug hole in this FT 77 stock and then drill straight through the filler with the same size as the pin hole ( so just extending the existing pin hole )? I can then use a longer pin that goes straight through the stock ( and new filler ) and into the rear end block.

I then put some filler at the stock flat back end to make up that gap.


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