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Default slow shooting

I think slow coarses are not alway's down to the shooter's,how about when there are lot's of stoppages.
Poorly maintained target's,old string's, disputed disapline distances and gap's in target's.
We pay good money to shoot the gp series,entry,fuel and sometimes accomadation so time should be put into GP's.
Yes people pull string's a lot when it's windy and people dawdle on the lane after a near miss,but we are talking about people that have spent a lot of cash to compete.
People should not feel under pressure to shoot two shot's,reset target's rush to get up for the next person to rush to sit down.
Why book so many in if it's not possible to get them on the coarse?
It will be interesting to see if everyone that has booked in turn's up,maybe with paypal at our disposal
we should be pre paying.
Bet the booking in won't fill then.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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