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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Pondering some more. Identifying the 2 targets is important for 2 people, the shooter and the scorer. It can be pretty confusing sometimes especially with some course builds with "angles" and crossed strings. Scorer needs to be sure which one it is in case the shooter hits the wrong one. So with stricter timing it may need colour scheme alternation between lanes to make it easier/fairer especially when there are more than 2 obvious targets in view from the lane. Numbers could be clearer / larger and next to the target rather than in the general direction of it. I'm sure there is a legitimate purpose behind placing 2 targets next to each other but in different lanes but it is a cruel joke :-)

Timing - with shooters 123. 1 sits, 3 scores, 2 gets ready. Fine. 1 exits, 2 sits but 3 needs to hand the clock to 1 who has wandered off to the next lane to dump the gun+bag and has a chat on the way ... so 3 is stuck with the clock and has less time to prepare. Sound familiar? So the cycle starts ok but may have issues - etiquette is good (and best for the true spirit of the game) but needs a rule really.
Or you have a 4th who is the lane marshall and wields clock and a sharp, pointed stick :-) and knows the rules for kneelers hahaha
Shooter 1 shoots, shooter 2 marks his card. Shooter 1 gets up as shooter 2 hands card and clock to shooter 3. Shooter 1 can now move from the lane and shooter 2 can grab his gun and shoot.

Keep that cycle going and everyone does not have to rush around.

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