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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
More lanes works of course if you go to the "shoot 25 lanes from 40" i.e. everyone shoots a different course. Unlike, say, 10m or 25m where adding lanes adds shooters and the targets are all the same (but wind will be different but that is luck of the draw). Our problem is that we have 25 lanes or 50 targets and want everyone to shoot the same course (in different sequences). OTOH if it is raining a lot won't show up, not liking their stock to get wet or their Daystate to stop working :-)

Floodlights ... there you go - after dusk shooting - what is a few trip hazards in the dark amongst friends. (really not serious!!)
Perhaps what we need is 3 lanes at a Gp, as a test, not in the comp but something people can do afterwards on the plinking range. One lane with 1 target, one with 2, one with 3. Get groups of 4 to shoot them on the clock, see what the times are. Suggest 1 min, 2 min and 3 min. Arbitrary and perhaps irrelevant but as a guide.
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