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Yep it's a tough one Jon.

Ultimately if the idea is to save time to enable more on a course, then 3 targets per lane will say be 2:30 instead of 2 mins, but unless more lanes are used, you won't make more numbers of shooters... 60 targets (3x20), 20 lanes, 3 shooters, 60 per session... 4 shooters, 80 per session... what we have already. So you'd probably need 4 shooters per lane, 25 lanes, to give you say 100... it probably differs little then if there's 2-3 targets per lane... shooting time would be similar for both.

Andras is right in that to get more shooters on a course, you need more lanes. If that's established and it takes too long to shoot, my logic takes me to the time being lowered per lane, or the way of measuring it changed to restrict the amount of pre timed faffing and post time twaddle.

Now we always talk about starting the clock, but perhaps we should talk about when we stop it... an idea is to say you have to be in and out of the lane under the time. Say lets not try and reduce the shooting time, but you need to be clear of the lane as well in the time given. Lets say 4 mins per lane. International timing. 3 mins like is done now, plus a minute to pull targets back up etc. Could only be 30 seconds.

It could be trialled with shooters with varying abilities to demonstrate it works for all.
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