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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
This is fun!

1 target per lane will mean more targets are being shot. But it will increase other factors - most important of these is FAFF.

FAFF - the time spent on a lane that is not included in your 1, 2 , 3 ... minutes.

More lanes will increase FAFF. If FAFF is constant for a lane, because usually FAFF occurs before shooting rather than after which is known as TWADDLE, then having more targets in a lane decreases the proportion of time spent FAFFING rather than shooting. For example - if a shooter uses 30 seconds of FAFF time then once the scope is eyed then the shooter has n minutes to finish. For 1 target this is 1 minute and FAFF represents 50% of this time, for 2 targets this is 2 minutes and FAFF represents 25% of this time. For 3 targets this is 3 minutes and FAFF represents 17%.

So the secret is less FAFF
I have done some statistical analysis...

Based upon STB, and assuming that HFT shooters spend the same amount of time Faffing before a competition and producing Twaddle afterwards...

Members: 2,559

Posts: 117,675

Suggests that the average shooter here produces 45 units of Faff and Twaddle. It's quite hard however to determine what is Faff, and what is Twaddle. However I'd suggest that a count of "how many FT shooters does it take to change a GP session" type threads are heavily weighted towards the Faff, as the GP hasn't been shot, so there's no Twaddle yet. We of course have to wait till after a GP to see how much twaddle is seen, but it would already suggest FT shooters do faff a lot. Indeed as the subject is aired elsewhere then one could surmise that they Faff around as well.

I haven't taken into account that some members faff and produce more twaddle than others, and that some members may not faff at all or produce any twaddle.

I hope this has been of some help. Would you like a graph?
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