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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
Maybe your maths are wrong then... If you'd use this system with 50 targets then it would need only a little more time (say half an hour) for a session but with the double amount of shooters. This is the maths behind it, that twice as many targets are being used at a time.

But this was an idea only, and you can have arguments against it like the difficulty of hosting 50 lanes or that people get tired from standing up 50 times but this is a working solution for the problem of too many shooters.
Andras, 130 is not double what is in a GP session. Session 1 at CSFTA gp last year was 85, which is the same as your lowest figure. Your talking about something that perhaps had 80-130 shooters, so about 1/2 as many again at the most, not twice as many, and uses 20% less targets and perhaps took the same as a GP session (about 3-3.5 hours).

If you add 20% more targets, then you'll add 20% more time surely? Perhaps that allows you to add 20% more shooters, say making it 150, but it will probably take 4-4.5 hours. That would suggest 2 sessions are required as 150 is still less than the 165+ in a GP.

Testing a 50 shot course with 50 lanes is probably the only way to try it. But that's not going to be easy for many venues, as even 40 lanes could be a problem over the 25 they currently run.

The ultimate aim is to add more people by changing as little as possible.
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