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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
GP Rule 12 states "25 lanes of 2 targets", so that would need changing prior to a 30 lane Gp?
Not really, that really is a matter of interpretation and I didn't read it that way.

To put in context, gp rule 12 says:

"At the present time, a course of fire for a BFTA Grand Prix is deemed to be fifty targets in twenty five lanes of two targets in each lane. In absolutely exceptional circumstances it might be necessary to remove or withdraw targets during an actual competition.

In the event of targets needing to be withdrawn or removed from the course an absolute minimum of 90% must remain for the scores to be acceptable."

The first paragraph reads like its nothing more than information leading up to the second paragraph which is actually the rule.

It doesn't say that a gp course must be 25 lanes of 2 targets. I interpreted the word "deemed" as "considered" and "at the present time" as "at the time of writing". Certainly not as a hard and fast rule about the number of lanes and targets for a gp course to be valid.

I really think that 30 lanes of 2 targets is the way to out of this problem, and it doesn't have to be for the whole series, it can be just for the over-subscribed rounds. Grading is done by percentage relative to the top score anyway so there's no problem with disproportionality between rounds.

I hope that gp1 goes well with three sessions, I really do. But in case it doesn't, maybe 60targets could be considered for other problem rounds?
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