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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
As im a bit thick about these things and whilst were on about velocity with heavy pellets does shooting these pellets use more air?? As i have noticed you have to exchange your cylinder half way around a gp coarse.
If you switched to 8.4 grain pellets would you still have to do this?
No problem Gilly, I know that some have their special theories but I have never changed cylinder halfway of a course, it is not needed because my rifle can do 90-100 shots with a fill. I used to carry my spare cylinder around when my wife takes the car for some sightseeing and I stay there all the day.
Anyway you surely know how PCP rifles work, they use air more effectively with heavier pellets so if I switched to lighter ones then I had to set the rifle's power a bit higher to have the same output power, i.e. the rifle would use more air.
Air consumption has nothing to do with velocity, I can set a Feinwerkbau on a way that it can give even 230 shots, the problem is that there is a 30 fps deviation in them. So I used to set it other way which uses more air but only 3-4 fps deviation in velocity.
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