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Originally Posted by Alex View Post
True! But I like the damn thing nonetheless.

As all other thing have been replaced my suspicion is also the stock or the barrel. What else?
The original triggerguard is also deformed. The rear attachment of the system in the stock with the zinc die-cast trigger guard is a weak spot in my opinion. I'm thinking about a Rowan brass triggerguard. I don't know how the FT stocks without the rear trigger pin can produce good groups. If I don't set that small bolt at the right tension, not completely tightened and secured with Loctite, the grouping is horrible. And there is little air around the front bolt. I thought this was the reason, but something should have happened when I tapped the system yesterday.
About the barrel, how is the TX200 barrel fixed?
I also thought about the 2 welding spots that fix the barrel block in the system!?

Anybody tried a 77/97 system in an alu-match stock? Some friends suggested so, but I'm afraid if I put a steel system in an alloy shaft it'll make things even worse with the 2 metals expanding differently in changing temperatures.
The TX200 barrel is held on with a great big nut (17mm I think it is) and that's thread locked. It should apply even pressure assuming everything's true. The barrel shroud is a bit more of a mystery though as that is spaced and I think glued. I know my nuts tight (insert own gag here ) but there's no way of checking the internals that hold the shroud and apparently its an absolute bugger to disassemble.

I agree with Adam that on the TX or the HW's its hard to see what the lack of the small bolt itself will do. However, in both cases the trigger guard does act as a spreader when it is secured with that bolt, balancing and directing the load. Whereas the one bolt system puts all the stress in one spot and may also have a less predictable and repeatable fit, as its fairly intuitive when to stop tightening against the metal trigger guard, less so the one bolt into the wood system.
I would like to agree with you but then we'd both be wrong....
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