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Default What would you do?

I'm the king of agonizing and having buyers (and sellers!) remorse

Just picked up a mint FWB P70 FT for a great price. Problem is it shoots about 16-17 ft lbs. Need to have the reg/power sorted which costs some money - I've been told of ways to do it myself but I've also heard not to. Then sorting a mount so I can put the scope on the barrel only - also costs more money

So....spend it on the FWB?

Sell FWB and get an EV2 2nd hand?

Sell FWB and get a ProTarget or RN10 2nd hand?

Sell FWB and wait for FTP900 wonder gun?

Or ???

I really really want a good reliable gun for WFTF field target. The FWB may be it but I was hoping not to have to send it to a tuner. I can only afford one rifle.

I did not include Steyr because at least here in the states getting one dialed in seems to cost $$$$. The ones that are sorted cost $$$$. I know personally of a guy that had to rebarrel his brand new rifle. Didn't include Walther because you simply can't find them being shot over here and I'd prefer 2nd hand to save money.

Is there an option I'm missing??


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