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Originally Posted by Denpar View Post
No Neil, that won't be happening at Millride. Just think of the connotations.

What would be far more helpful would be to acknowledge that we have a unique set of circumstances and that Millride, together with the BFTA, is taking all the steps it can to ensure an uncomplicated and enjoyable event for all concerned, There will be time later for post mortems, nit picking etc. but if we listened to all the suggestions that are going around at the moment the event just wouldn't take place.We know that we can count on the goodwill and understanding of the majority of the shooters and an attitude of "lets make it work" will prevail. Millride has never been a club to just throw out a course and it won't start now. Anyone who has hosted a GP will tell you that that the gestation period for organising the day is lengthy and there certainly won't be the facilities or the time for tinkering, no matter how well intentioned. Just come with a determination to help make it work, and to enjoy the day.

Hi Roy

Fair enough - but I wasn't suggesting using part of the actual course, just somewhere near by. More sweaters for goalposts than firing lines and real targets :-)

Looking forward to it

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