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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Ok guys thanks, I was wondering why I didn't see so many long targets but will kill zones so small you don't need distance!

He had plenty of long shots on the course too. Quite a few of those were rather difficult as well. One that was note worthy was a 1" kz at 54 yards. I got it once then missed it on the follow up shot. That ended up being the only shot I missed in the first 8 or so lanes. It's just a lottery shooting one of those long ones that small in the wind.

They did show a lot of those close targets in the video. I can assure you the majority of the course was set at or beyond the allowable rules. (This match was not an AAFTA event, so the match director could set the course anyway he wanted.) I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was really good practice and let me know what to work on at home.

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