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I think we may have quite a lot of time to kick about at GP1. Rather than speculation why don't we get together say 20 folk and set up 10 lanes with something to focus on but no actual shooting (just shout BANG! and the buddy can counter with MISS! hahaha) then time things in a realistic way. Requires sensible folk but that shouldn't be a problem.
Bums on bag, settle, "load", focus, dial, wait, wait, BANG!, next target (or not). Then swap shooter, repeat

Do this for 2 targets / lane then repeat for 1 per lane for a simulated 20-shot course i.e. walking about, etc. 2 per lane or 3 per lane.

basically just try something out safely and maybe come up with a working plan?

Doesn't need precise timing - wristwatch good enough but I suspect lots of us have a stopwatch anyway.

I think I am in the am session so will have plenty of time afterwards - presuming it isn't dark by the time session 1 finishes :-)

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