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Default One per lane...?

Originally Posted by maestro View Post
It has been tested in Poland on the Polish Cup rounds and on the big international championship in Morsko, exactly with this reason: 1 target per lane = 100% of them are being shot, 2 targets = 50% is unused, 4 targets = 75% unused. I personally have shot more competitions with this system, it was a bit boring but a huge amount of shooters were able to shoot so it worked.
I think if you put the courses as one per lane, you will be on the course longer overall...
Yes I know you might have les time blah blah blah but if you just mix in so many and I'd say discipline lanes would be the best choice the time wise we won't lose much in the times...

Don't forget you'd have to set 50 separate lanes etc as well which will take up a lot more room on grounds... 5 extra lanes won't..

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