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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Discussing this yesterday,with 2 targets per lane only 50% of the targets are being shot at at one time.I appreciate 50 lanes would need more space/work but just another idea to chuck in.
Interesting idea. The faffing about before and after the target becomes the significant time factor. Not sure if there are many courses where you could have the length to put out 50 lanes? How does the marshaling work then? 3rd guy/gal scores both lanes since the other 2 are busy? If it is 1 shooter per lane then you have no buddy marshall.

It would have to be voted in at a BFTA AGM I suspect with lots of prior trials and discussion.

Might be quicker with more than 2 targets per lane? but then you have to change from 50-shot to have a multiple times the number of lanes. Again a BFTA cttee vote

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