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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Cant really see it working, what if one lane was deemed to be easier for some reason, flatter shooting position, more or less wind!
all shooters on the same 25 lanes + targets for me.
Yes, I would prefer the exact same course but if you have 4 feeder groups then 87 shooters instead of 75 on a 25 lane course (3 per lane) then it will take longer and there have to be queues or go for 3 sessions of 75 (78 would work). You can't have everyone shooting at the same time unless you increase the number of lanes and accept that there may very well be a problem lane or two. I still think you have to work on 'number of feeder groups' equals time taken to walk from #25 to #1 divide by 3x3mins (shooters per group x average time taken). I.e. if a bunch of people turn up on spec for the am session then they may have to wait for the pm session. Given the travel costs there ought to be a priority for those coming out of region on spec but really it should be by booking-in ahead. Sitting around for an hour on #1 is just a very bad idea - there had better be WC and drinks facilities there :-)

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