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Default NW Gauntlet R2 Rivi 14/4/2013

Well, in true Turton style, the weather conditions for todays Summer Gauntlet opening round were difficult to say the least, according to local forecast 50mph gusts which punished the brave and cautious alike without discrimination.

Congrats to Andy "Shorts" Wilson who is the latest entrant to the red badge club
Top Lady - Rhian Jones
Top Oddball - Elliott Compton
Top veteran - Brian Franklin
Top Junior - Mia Roberts

Name Club Score
Andy Wilson RR 48 - CB
Dave Ramshead RR 48 - CB
Rhian Jones FO 45
Steve Oultram RR 45
Casey Handby HG 44
Elliott Compton RR 44
Phil Sharples RR 44
Dave Benyon RR 43
James McLachlan RR 43
Sam Oultram RR 43
Mark Smith FO 42
Paul Kelly RR 42
Andy Jones RR 41
Drew Thompson FO 41
Jim Harney OL 41
Matt Brookes OL 41
Melissa Rowland OL 41
Mike Turner FO 41
Harry Compton RR 40
John Daley RR 40
Lee Meadows RR 40
Paul Livesey OL 40
Bill Jones FO 39
Brian Franklin FO 39
Brian Lewis FO 39
Chris Ely TV 39
Phil Daley RR 39
Steve Handby HG 39
Andy McLachlan RR 38
Brian Heaps RR 38
Bruno Aiello OL 38
Ian Whiteside OL 38
Jack Rowland OL 38
Alan Laurikietis OL 37
Derek Whittingham RR 37
Ian Paul RR 37
Ian Unsworth RR 37
John Oldroyd RR 37
John Rawnsley RR 37
Mike Franklin FO 37
Peter Glover RR 37
Sandra Davies FO 36
Steve Macfarlane RR 36
Craig Rochell CL 35
Harry Thornley RR 35
John Sawrey FM 35
Kurtis Perrigo OL 35
Mia Roberts FO 35
Dave Duncan CH 34
Don Edge OL 34
Glen Hoskin RR 34
John Morgan OL 34
Nigel Jones FO 34
Ray Ross RR 34
Stuart Bell SP 33
Tommy Russell FM 33
Chris Tucker RR 32
Geoff Watkinson RR 32
Samie Ramshead RR 32
Carole Roberts FO 31
Ian Lockett OL 31
Ryan Gilbert RR 30
Andy Stevenson FO 28
Helen Kelly RR 28
Karyn Macfarlane RR 28
Brian Ellison RR 27
Chris Roberts FO 27
Josh Roberts OL 26
Matthew Lockett OL 26
Kev Wallbank OL 20
Steve Wilson RR DNF

Scorecard adjustments made against the following for adjustments made to the scores not witnessed by a marshall (1 turned into 2's):
Mia Roberts 36 to 35
Mike Franklin 38 to 37
Chris Roberts 28 to 27
Harry Thornley 37 to 35

Score increased due to incorrect total:
Jack Rowland 37 to 38

Scorecard infringements recorded against the following:
Alan Laurekietes - no scope mag setting
James Mclachlan - not witnessed
Kev Wallbank - no settings & class
Kurtis Perigo - no settings, class or gun detail

Please can the club reps involved make the shooters aware if the shooters are not online.

Next round at Oldham, see you there.
BASC Team England HFT 2010,11,12,13,14,15,16 &17
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