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A few points:
1) restrict the sessions to 75.
This is possible if there is only one way to book in and, most important, people who miss out on their desired session accept that.
Reality - nothing like that.
I was flooded with "I can't book in" emails and texts as soon as booking opened.
Personally I booked in a good number of people, via the website, because they couldn't themselves. Would it have been better that I said "no, do it yourself" and they'd missed out?
After the website closed, then the emails arrive requesting to be "squeezed in".

So people have been "helped book in" and "squeezed in" and now there's moaning.

IMO this could only be solved with a single method of entry.

2) BFTA knockers.
It's easy to critisise.
If there's a problem then it must be the BFTA's fault.

What we have here, IMO, is an attempt to allow a large number of shooters to compete in GP1.

My experience has shown me that policy is best informed by practice rather than vice-versa.

If this practice produces alternative rules then good!

3) Suggestion.
Smile. Enjoy the day shooting and meeting others. And, if you can, help out.

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