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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Neil, are you suggesting a club keeps a course open for two weekends, or that other clubs host the other rounds? I don't quite follow.

I'm not sure how grading would work. If grading and % points are based around the top score, then how do you sort them even at the end of the season, given that people of differing abilities would be shooting on different days or possibly different courses.

How about 60 targets? 3 per lane, 90 per session + standing lanes. Two sessions. Longer than what we have yes. Needs more room yes. Gets more on a course, but by only adding a little bit of time. But is 60 targets too much? 50 is for some.

Going to be a tricky balancing act between meeting demand and losing people. But worth trying I think, otherwise we'll never know.
No i'm not suggesting that the club leaves the course out for two weeks,have the other grades shoot the next venue,and so on ect.It would however mean that the hosting club would have to hold two shoots at their ground,maybe with a few months gap in between.This may even generate more money for the club and the BFTA as probably more people would then attend.
Ok so everyone doesn't get to shoot on the same day but everyone in their grade wil be,it would only be the silhouettes that aren't,which is an open event.

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