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Hi All,

I donít have a very strong opinion on the subject, but I think there are a couple of things to point out that havenít been pointed out as yet.

The first issue I can see with this idea is that replacing shoot offs with count back is directly against the Main shoot rules (section 16). Although I realise that the situation weíre dealing with of over subscription of GPs 1 and 2 needs a quick resolution, I also think that a governing body that casts aside its own rules and its process for changing rules so readily is a slippery slope (Iím pretty sure itís too late to ratify a rule change (along with all the regional consultations and votes that were traditionally done) before GP1 in the normal way).

In the other thread I think every parameter of the GP series was challenged and rebutted apart from one, the total number of targets per GP. RobF is spot on for bringing it up (post #38), and Iím in total agreement with him.

According to Shaunís spreadsheet, session one is over subscribed by 11 people and session two by 21. Worst case is afternoon, which in groups of three would require 32 lanes.

I think Shaunís post #24 of the other thread seems to be calculated based on the two minutes that the rules allow, and how people perceivably vary from that per lane. However, to look at the math from another point of view... Currently, we start at 9am and shoot 25 lanes. At the latest (for a promptly started shoot) we finish at 12:30 (even if there are feeder trios). So thatís 3.5 hours to shoot 25 lanes. If we say that 3.5hours divided by 25 lanes x 60 minutes = 8.4minues per lane, or to put another way, each trio takes 8 minutes 24 seconds per lane (bearing in mind itís actually less than that when we have feeding on trios, but this is worst case).

Scaling that up to 30 lanes would suggest that weíd finish in 4.2 hours (4hours 12 minutes (it sounds like a long time, but keep in mind that this is based on 3.5 hours per session, it is rarely this long unless we have a lot of feed on trios)). I think that a start time of about 8:30 or even call the briefing at 8:30 and start shooting at 8:45 would probably still get the second session on at about 1:30 at the latest.

If 60 targets is too many for people, there is nothing to say we couldnít have an odd number of lanes, maybe a 56 target course, or 58. It could even change per GP depending on the booking in numbers. It also has the added advantage of not breaking any rules.

For Milride, put out 30 lanes with possibly two feeder trios. Although I bet there will be a few who donít turn up so feeders may not be needed.

Is it too late to have new shooting cards printed up and Milride folk to add a few more lanes?
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