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It seems to me like this subject will just go around in circles until someone, comes up with an idea which every one approves of, human nature dictates that this will never happen, and it needs a firm hand by the B.F.T.A to, say this is how it is etc etc, but that doesnt solve anything until there is a solution.


My thoughts are....

max entries are fixed for both morning and afternoon (75 each), and each region is alloted an equal share of these places, and each person has to qualify for entry by use of their regions ranking ( using their own league tables)

we already now have to qualify for the inters, worlds and the england team event, the GP'S are after all an major National Competition series.

this would also mean though, that those that qualify and wish to enter would have to give a commitment to shoot them all, with possibly paying their entry fee in advance, ( which would be forfit for no shows) to cover all B.F.T.A and Hosting Clubs Costs, if anyone bailed out mid season.
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