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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
Hi Paula here
As I have elected to shoot the pm session, I will now be watching over my daughter and the hound for approx 7 hours before I get to shoot at around 3.30 pm, not ideal, and I will most definitely be knackered and will have lost all enthusiasm by then.
I can see that everyone will now be standing by their computers waiting for the green light to swamp the morning sessions for future GPs if this becomes the norm.
Understandably Shaun is trying to find ways of accomodating the greater numbers which shows our sport is increasing in appeal and I appreciate that, but it still makes for a very long day for the likes of ourselves.
More the reason to have different grades on separate weekends with still a fortnight gap between each round.
Has anyone give it a thought what it's going to be like for parking at grounds that don't have much parking space as others.
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