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Originally Posted by jj1 View Post
I agree with Neil here. Millride will be the first GP that I have ever shot and therefore the first time I will shoot against the clock. Reading the posts here, which sugest cutting more and more time makes it sound like an inward looking sport that caters for the elite.
I think can be misinterpreted as to what is being suggested regarding timing.

I still remember shaking enough to be barely able to put a pellet in the breech on my first one

What is being suggested is other ways of timing to include more into the timed part of shooting. At the moment timing starts from eye to scope. For me, if i'm under pressure, like in the showdown, i will get comfy, put my pellets and numbers where i want them, check I can see the targets, check the strings, maybe align myself to the most difficult target or if i have to swing, then i'll check i can do that and see the other with minimum of movement, maybe guess range the first target, maybe guess dial the first target, and load... i may even wait for the wind i want, which isn't always for it to drop, i often prefer to range when it's up, so i either know what it's doing, or because it's then more likely to drop...only after all of that will i stick eye to scope and range the first one. Now if the first target is short, that will see me getting the first shot away in seconds, and then i'm onto the next. When done fast i'm around 30 secs, but that's probably too fast. But in the GP i could still do all that and choose to burn 2 mins. In a GP im more relaxed and my shot routine will vary.

With the international system, it's generally agreed (because the rules aren't precise) that doing any of that starts the clock. The difference is that you get 3 mins. So effectively you get a minute extra to prepare. All this does is contain the whole target process into 3 mins, instead of 2 mins plus a possibly unlimited time.

It doesn't mean you shoot faster, only that you're allotted just a set amount to do the whole routine, instead of here where you only get timed on a part. You have to really burn time to spend more than 3 mins taking two shots.

I know the clock is daunting, especially if you haven't shot on it, but really it's tonnes of time. All that's being floated is what is timed, and for a longer period.

Try shooting a couple of lanes with an experience shot, they'll gladly lend a hand and i'm sure you'll get plenty of tips on GP. One tip, which i only use on positionals is to range the 2nd target first, remember the range, and then work on the first one. That way you don't need to go back into the ranging position for the second target and get back into the shot position.

1 min for 2 target eye to scope barely allows for any mistakes. I don't think anyone is suggesting that it should be dropped to that. As has been said, when it's eye to scope that starts the clock there's a hell of a lot before and after that time which isn't controlled.

It's not elitist, just people with vast amounts of experience trying to solve the problem of getting even more people into a shoot
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