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Can I just say, on behalf of Millride FTC, how encouraged and grateful we are for the positive response shown so far. Whether it’s a regional “blip” or not, the number of people who want to shoot at GP’s 1 and 2 should be seen as a triumph, and not a reason for complaint.

Of course, you can never please everybody, but we think that by doing it this way shooters will at least have a degree of certainty about the format, can plan their day accordingly, and can at least wait in the cafe until their session starts if the weather isn’t good, although it usually is at Millride

In the spirit of co-operation we had already reached an agreement with Far Coley that both Clubs would provide each other with all the help that we can to ensure that GP’s 1 and 2 meet with your approval and expectations. Some of you have already volunteered to do a bit of painting between sessions and that would be gratefully received so that we can minimise the downtime between sessions. Whilst we can provide a good number of marshals the length of the day and the number of sessions does put a severe strain on our resources so any help that could be offered in this direction would also be a blessing.

There will be a fair walk between lane 25 and lane 1 so this will help with any feeder lanes. To make it even easier to get them through can I suggest that shooters take their time between these lanes and pause a little to enjoy the view of the M54, the interesting pattern of tyre tracks in the mud, and the Scott Robinson memorial allotment where the great man will be signing his latest book “Brassicas for Beginners.

Simon, the bad news is that there isn’t a butty van, but there is a cafe on site with the lovely Jo to pamper you. (Just don’t expect tablecloths).

With regard to an earlier start, it was suggested that we start as soon as Kev Sayers and Bobby Banks get there and then we’d all be home by lunch time

Rob and James, your suggestions have been noted with thanks and we are already thinking along those lines.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Roy Boliver
Millride FTC
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