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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
I think Shaun has done a brilliant job, no matter what ideas anyone comes up with will not suit every one so what's been proposed is a good compromise. Its fantastic to have such a surge of interest in our sport and we must be careful not to put newcomers off. Just my penny's worth, I think the system used in the two worlds I attended where the second your bum hits the cushion the clock starts is the way forward. No string pulling, puffing and general malingering. Im looking forward to this season immensely.
Ive not shot the worlds, but I thought you got 3 minutes to shoot 2 targets! The clock starting as you entered the gate or general area plenty of time then for a bit of string pulling... with regards the gp's if the clock has started
I will be pulling strings if needs be, you get 2 I will use every last second if I have to....unless it gets changed to 1 min 30
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