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You're a brave man Shaun

This has to be worth a try.

I would hope that the course marshalls keep a close eye on things to keep slower groups moving between lanes, as I think this is where a lot of hold ups come from.

Also it is up to the organisers to be on the ball getting the next squad on the course, the spraying needs to be organised, just throwing bodies at the task won't work (besides they're heavy). The shooters in the next squad also need to be keep up to date, it shouldn't be assumed someone at one end of a car park can hear someone at the other. A load hailer jobby might be helpful with advance notice given i.e. '20mins to go, start gathering for a briefing' etc.

I don't think there will be any complaints if shooters can see a well organised event, but they would be justified some grumpyness if say the painting takes an hour.

On the other hand I remember starting some GP courses at late times back in the day, so it isn't too much of a problem, besides the wind tends to drop in the evening...


edit This isn't specifically aimed at Millride, it is a general thing
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