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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
Sounds better Shaun with three squads, Johno was right about being out in the elements to long. At the recent nefta Inter Regional VICTORY meeting we discused ways to help the GP run smooth, two good ideas came up one was the first squad to start at 08.00 and the second was when a shooter enters the lane clock to be pressed before sitting down, two minutes in total no touching strings before starting clock.
.Ian Taylor.
It's a tough nut to crack Ian. (but CSFTA might be able to get there )

My thoughts are that on an early start it's going to swing the bias to the earlier session shooters, so those fast on the net will get that possible advantage. If you think what it was like at the champs, there was a handful of high scores coming in early that didn't appear later, and that was a 9am start. An hour earlier there might have been a lot more. Not saying the cream doesn't rise to the top because some top scores came in later, but an AM session might be more Gold top and the later one silver . With a team squaded event it evens the competition anyway, but with an individual, it might bias it.

The international timing method does help reduce some of the faff. I know if under tight time i will maximise the time before the clock needs to start. Shooting a few worlds now it does remind me how much I do beforehand, but it's fairly easy to get in the swing of it. I tend to run about 2:30. The key is what triggers the clock start. Bum on seat is the usual one, and it's generally sporting etiquette that lets people start their own clock when they feel they are making an attempt on the lane, but I think we need a clear trigger or set of triggers to work in all lanes, that isn't able to be shuffled behind something in the shooting procedure/process. Then it might be worth doing a test on an event. Just pulling an idea out of the air the Euros might be a good candidate.

What does burn up time is people sitting in a lane having a post mortem on the shot just taken. We don't seem to be too bad at that here, but i've seen it on the international scene, and it took that group 12 mins to cover a lane, even though the next one was clear, because of the chatter. Probably because of the slow pace of the day seeping in.

If we can demonstrate how to get the time factor handled, with more people on a course, then I think the WFTF would lend an ear as it's the same problem they have... and as many know, places are in high demand.
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