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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
There are other things to consider. Like:

When should the raffle/prize draw happen?
To draw the raffle we'll need everyone to have entered so it'll have to occur between session 2 and 3.

When will the trophies be given out?
I propose that the trophies are presented at GP2. I fear that they'll not be many shooters left at the end of the GP and thus the trophy presentation will be a bit of a flop!

What about shoot-offs for places?
I propose that count-back is used for all ties irrespective of which session they occur in.
Count-back defined as:
First miss from target 1 on the course (not the target that you started from)

And more questions I'm sure



Well done Shaun - heck of a task but great time to try a few things out and see how it goes.

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