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Originally Posted by FUBAR View Post
without being cheeky
how much did you pay for these fine stocks ?
The stocks came on most of the guns that I've bought. The Wilson was an FT model that was cut slightly thinner to save weight and had a few optional extras (cheekpiece,buttpad,cappings and spacers) and came in around the 450-550 mark I beleive The Steve Lanyman stocks are still very much available and depending on the spec you want come in from around 350 and upwards but can be made a perfect fit and to pretty much any spec you'd like. The Ginb at the time this one was bought (with a deeper than standard forend) was around 240 but I beleive they are somewhat dearer now and the Gary Cane stock was one he built for himself (the ISP was his own FT gun in the early 90'S) but again you would be looking at around 350 and upwards. For the Frenchi wood work i haven't a clue as i done some haggling with some welsh bloke and got it at a bargain price
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