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Ahh, if most of your targets are 40+ yards, that makes sense.

Typically we have 3 targets per lane (2 shots per target) with 1 target 10-25 yards away, 1 25-35 and 1 35+ away. We also use different hit zone sizes:

1/4" - up to 15 yards
3/8" - up to 20 yards
1/2" - up to 25 yards
3/4" - up to 35 yards
1.0" - up to 45 yards
1.25" - up to 50 yards
1.50+"-up to 55 yards

It's a different type of match when compared to UK shooting, as to hit a 1/4" at 15 yards, you must really have your clicks setup perfectly.

Note we also have 2 power levels: sub 12fpe (no harness or straps) and sub 20fpe (allowed to use harness or straps). Both of these categories are shot on the same course at the same time. While most of us started shooting sub 20fpe, more and more of use are switching to the sub 12fpe category. Interesting to note that several of the top US Field Target shooters are also going the sub 12fpe route
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