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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
You are right Harold. It's just too bad the 2nd hand EV2's and Steyr's cost so much more in the USA. I see about 3 guns every day that I'd love to buy off of STB! EV2 Mk4's for $1250!

Have you gone back to Steyr or are you shooting the TM1000 for WFTF? A guy has a really nice looking orange/black LG100 for sale on Brad's site but $2400.... ouch.


I'm shooting my Steyr at the moment. It's been shooting really well. It was an old 10 meter gun that I converted. Honestly, that's not the best way to go with a Steyr. By the time it's converted, here's more invested that just buying new from the start. However, I know it's done right and everything is working as it should on the gun.

I will be shooting the TM1000 at matches later in the year. It's undergoing some modifications at the moment to help improve it at 12 fpe. I'm looking forward to getting it back and testing some new things that Martin has done. More about that later...

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