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We have 3 options feasible for GP1 and some interesting ideas about future course structure.
1) Feed on lanes.
2) 4 to a lane but shooting in pairs.
3) 3rd session.

Whichever we choose it must be accepted that it'll be a late finish (and probably around the same time for all 3).

Each option is a different way of deferring waiting time.
1) Wait as one long block (could be an hour in the afternoon session).
2) Wait is spread over the length of the session.
3) long wait to start (at least in comfort) and then no waiting on the course, or, if you're lucky, straight on with no waiting as your wait time has been done by those in squad 3.

Why I favour option 2.
When modelling how long a session will take, the hardest thing to factor in is the variability in time per lane taken by groups of shooters. What wastes time is when lanes are free (why they're free is probably a PHD in waiting). By reducing from groups of 3 to pairs means that the flow of shooters is easier.
This will not alleviate the bunching that occurs because of slow shooters but will, I believe,allow the shoot to flow more efficiently.

The GP belongs to Millride and the MFTA have a meeting on Wednesday. Whatever option Millride choose I will update and display lanes no later than Friday evening.

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