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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Just a thought..

Why not keep sitting lanes as 2 targets and have 1 target as a discipline lane...?

That technically means you'd have 30 lanes to shoot meaning you could easily cater 180 shooters for am and pm shooters. If you have feeder lanes then you have that few more who could shoot..

So 20 lanes sitting
5 or 6 lanes standing and 4 or 5 lanes kneeling...?
Put in the discipline lane as 1 or 1 and a half minutes per lane...?

Just something I thought about before...?

This is something we looked at doing for the British Recoiling Championships at Anston before numbers pushed us to two sessions. Good way of getting more people on the course without having long waiting periods of watching rather than playing, you could also make the discipline lanes consecutive,i.e. your first normal standing lane with two targets on would become two seperate standing lanes with one target on each.
Just a thought.

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