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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
I wonder if Tim and LD will ever go back and revisit sub 12 fpe power levels. I know they aren't big fans of that game and most of the focus has been on Open/FAC and benchrest. But I think it would open up the rifle to lots of other shooters if it could be done and it would be neat to see a US built and designed rifle finish high in the worlds some day.

I know there is one Portuguese shooter who used one at the World's this past year - I think it was an orange color. Saw it in the team Portugal videos from Norway.

It's doubtful at this point. They did put considerable effort into Paul Cray's WFTF gun, but I still don't think it was up to par with other WFTF specific guns. I think Tim is more interested in bench rest shooting these days.

There's such a good field of guns to choose from that are WFTF specific already, that it may not be worth their efforts at this point. The USFT was designed for U.S. high power Field Target. No sense in trying to fit a square peg into a round hole as they say. It's just too easy to pick up an EV2, Walther, TM1000 or Steyr and be ready to go as soon as the gun is set up.

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